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Meet the Characters


Tenured Professor at Koo Koo U teaching Stop Yourself 101. It is the art of letting the day fly by effortlessly. The “Stop Yo” professor never wants to bother, trouble, annoy, or provoke anyone; or anyone, him. He will often ask “are you being stopped?” to be helpful. Trey is slow, lazy, and tired. He is more interested in TV and gadgets than actually doing anything.



If there were a graduate class in stopping yourself, Deuce could teach it. He passed the course with an A and has been totally stopped ever since. Through their joint meager efforts, Trey and Deuce became best friends.



The grouchy, cheap, and impatient Dean of Koo Koo U. Well-dressed but completely unstopped and very demanding of Professor Trey.

Ping Ping

Ping Ping

An exchange student who never has much to say but always seems to say something appropriate.

Mee & Mo

Mee & Moe

Mischievous twins. Confusing and confounding in class.


Trey’s sister who is patient and kind while supporting her brother.


Trey’s niece who is a bouncing (and bouncing and bouncing) little bundle of joy.

HatrackHat Rack

An exchange student both vertically and horizontally challenging.


An exchange student – trying to fit in – who came with her own trunk.


A star student of Stop Yourself 101 who just doesn’t get it. Knows the subject, never puts it in practice.


Trey’s girlfriend who lives in a much faster lane.



Trey’s amiable and insightful friend on the beach of Arugula